My blogging is going to be inconsistent. This doubles as a public service announcement and an apology.

For me, writing is a way to express emotion – anger, resentment, nerves, happiness, excitement, everything. So I tend to feel it more than compose it. When my response to something is genuine and passionate, you’ll get the most frequent and most interesting posts.

When nothing fascinating is going on in my life, you’ll get posts like this one.

This is my 3 1/2 day weekend, all thanks to reimbursement for working on Labor Day (ironic, isn’t it?)

I have been lounging around the house doing absolutely, literally nothing for two days. I did do a little cleaning and a little cooking, but my function and purpose ends there.

Then evening comes. I feed the bunnies, sit on the shop vac, and listen to them munch while rain falls steadily outside the door. Tonight it’s cool and clear again. The local high school football team is playing its first home game of the season. Leaves are falling, late-summer litters are growing, and I’m loving spending time in the barn. Nowhere to go, no time schedule.

Just falling for fall and falling for bunnies all over again.

So I apologize for the lack of spirited posts – right now I’m just not feeling very spirited. But while I’m relaxing, I hope you are too. This weather is the perfect time to take some rabbits outside and let them graze.

I’m looking forward to day 3 tomorrow.

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