Favorite things: Moo!


Photo courtesy of moo.com.

Have you heard about moo.com? I’m not talking about cattle here.

Moo is a printing company that offers customized business cards, mini cards, greeting cards, postcards…you catch my drift. I actually came across them on Facebook. It was one of those annoying little ads that pops up in the middle of your newsfeed. “You might like this!” Okay, Facebook.

But this time it peaked my interest because I had been needing updated business cards. The last time I had cards printed was several years ago, so I have been “breeding Jersey Woolies” for about two years longer than I’ve HAD Jersey Woolies. Anyway, cards are nice to hand out at shows or give to folks who are interested. I also like to stick them in bags of transitional food so that new-bunny-buyers have all of my contact information when they get home.

A collection of 50 double-sided business cards from Moo starts at $19.99 and goes up from there depending on the preferences you choose. This is a significant increase (like 90% increase) over my old trusty friend Vistaprint. So, to be honest with you, I probably would not have taken the plunge before I noticed a button to get 10 trial cards for free.

In the moment I pulled the first card from the pack, I knew this company was the one. I am not kidding you, it was business-card love at first sight. These cards are THICK, like two regular cards stuck together, with a clean matte finish and vibrant colors. The graphics were clear and professional.

Let’s just say I’m hooked. My first paid order is coming up in the near future!

Even better, I think these cards would easily survive being sprayed by a buck or stuffed in a bra at the show table with little sign of the done deed. I bet you could even roll over them with a few tiers of carriers and little evidence to the trauma. They don’t exactly advertise these things in their FAQ, but I feel like that’s relevant information to have.

Run, don’t walk, and stock up on some of these hefty advertisements. You’ll be lovin’ em till the cows come home.

* NOTE: I am not being paid for putting in a good word. But if some Moo reps happen to see this…I love you and your cards. I love presents too. Just sayin’.

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