7 guilt-free reasons to hang out in the barn

Bunnies2“Why don’t you ever leave the barn?”

You’ve been there before. After spending a few hours breeding does, weaning kits, bathing bucks (I can’t possibly be the only one), you realize that “stopping in to check on things” has turned into an entire afternoon, and someone is tapping their foot on the front step waiting for you to get ready to go out for dinner.

Next time you look up and catch that all-too-familiar “look,” remind your loved ones that there are 7 good reasons you should not feel guilty for hanging out in the barn:

1. Exercise. While everyone else is sprawled out in front of the A/C, you’re hard at work under the mid-morning sun. Forget Shakeology … your beach body is all thanks to that 12-hole stacker. The one without the casters.

2. Mental health. At one time or another, all of us need to cut the stress and just enjoy life for a moment or two. A few minutes with a three-week-old Holland Lop makes the real world disappear. Like, forever.

3. Responsibility. Rabbits keep you accountable. You are responsible for their every need. If you don’t help them down from the tall object they jumped onto, completely unaware of the consequences of such a move, no one else will. And there is nothing more pitiful than the look of regret on a first-time-nestbox-scaler’s face.

4. Education. You can breed rabbits for one year or you can breed rabbits for 92 years, and they will always find a way to humble you. There are always things you don’t know at all or don’t know well enough. Be a student and keep an open mind. “Expert” doesn’t mean “know-it-all.”

5. Fun. A 50-lb. bag of feed costs less than a trip to Hawaii, and you don’t have to pack underwear. You do the math.

6. Judgement-free zone. Our every move is scrutinized everywhere we go. That in itself can turn even pleasure outings into frustrating events. In the rabbit barn, nobody cares if you finished off an extra cupcake or six after lunch or if you’ve showered in the last 24 hours. Plus you don’t have to wear pants. Win-win.

7. Life is short. I’ve been saying this a lot lately. It started as a sarcastic explanation as to why I wore rabbit socks to work or a Frozen t-shirt in public. But there’s a lot of truth in that saying. If I die tomorrow, let’s just say I’ll be happier knowing my last few moments weren’t spent in line at the post office.

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